BIBLE BAPTIST BOOKSTORE: An excellent resource for books and audio in the defense of the King James Authorized Version 1611 Holy Bible. Featuring the published works of Dr. Peter S. Ruckman, they are located in Pensacola, Florida. Click here to visit Bible Baptist Bookstore.


THE BIBLE DOCTRINE INSTITUTE: A theological seminary designed to teach men and women the word of God, to train those who have been called to the ministry, and to assist those who are already in the ministry.

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NOW THE END BEGINS: The magazine of record for the Last Days. Preparing people to leave this earth in the Pretribulation Rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ. Are YOU ready?


GOOD FIGHT MINISTRIES: We are a non-profit ministry that exists for the glory of God, equipping Christians with Truth, exposing the unfruitful works of darkness (Eph 5:11), while maintaining a heart to win the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Good Fight Ministries specializes in teaching and encouraging spiritual warfare against the powers of darkness, as well as sharing important insights as they relate to biblical prophecy and the end times. We provide information from a biblical and spiritual worldview to help you make informed life choices that often have eternal consequences.

Final Fight Bible Radio: This is Christian Radio with a BACKBONE! The station takes a polemic, aggressive approach as opposed to the apologetic and often worldly stance found on the average “Christian” radio

Bible Believing YouTube Instruction: BBC International will give you the best quality Bible preaching and teaching for the Bible student wanting to avoid the leavened myriad of available material on YouTube. There are many good teachers out there and MANY more bad ones. Pastor Geneha Kim is valiant for the truth and will help keep you from being sucked into the heap of teachers and distractions available on the YouTube forum. Steer your friends, loved ones, and other contacts away from the heretics and cults with this channel.

Daily Scripture Songs: You can play beautiful scripture songs using easy to learn chords on the guitar. Maybe you are simply looking for some good clean music that focuses on the words of God. Here’s a song for everyday!

Authorized King James Version – The Final Edition: This is the King James Bible issue in a nutshell.

Stop Smoking Spiritually: Everyone that I have known personally that had a special relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and wanted to STOP smoking did it. So can you!

Lower Cholesterol Biblically: Gradual Heart Grease Reduction Study. Not a Diet or Exercise Program.

At His Feet: The story of Ruth focusing on the scriptural teaching of submission for God’s people.

The Golden Sceptre: The story of Esther themed as a believer’s guide to walking in Christ.

Brandy Vallance Books: Brandy’s novels explore the hard questions, real emotions, and the complicated areas in life. She endeavors to represent the high calling of storytelling in a true and honest way, following wherever God leads. At the end of her career as a writer (which won’t be anytime soon) Brandy wants to be able to feel that she’s written as authentically as possible. She also wants to be able to reread the stories she’s written and find they still make her laugh and cry.