Interested and Concerned, But Ignorant


Some people have interest and concern, but are ignorant about salvation and the Christian life. Is that person you?

Personal worker, are you asking God for wisdom in dealing with souls?

(I’m purposefully not adding scripture references to this note. If you are interested in some biblical backing for any point, please comment below.)


The Ethiopian said, “How can I understand except some MAN should guide me?” Cornelius had prayers that came up to God as a memorial, but he was UNCONVERTED. The Philippian jailer knew he needed to be saved because he was on the brink of suicide, but he didn’t know how to be saved. He may not have even known that there was an ETERNITY.


Salvation is a FREE gift provided by the shed blood of Jesus on Calvary.

Your personal REPENTANCE to God is connected.

Your personal FAITH in the Lord is required.

CONFESSION of Christ as your Savior is clear evidence the new birth has transpired.

Public baptism is a natural step of PUBLIC obedience to Jesus, but don’t confuse it with salvation.

Church attendance is a NORMAL inclusion in the believer’s habit of life.


Bible reading, study, and prayer should not be forced or foreign elements to a Christian’s DAILY walk.

Witnessing should come from an overflow of the word of God from the inside and a personal testimony of the work of saving grace that is CURRENTLY present.

GIVING should stem from your gratefulness to God.

In order to be MORE THAN saved there must be SURRENDER to Jesus as Lord and King, otherwise there will be no substantial growth which manifests that you are in reality a Christian.

COMMITMENT has basically become a curse word connected with intolerance, condemnation, and judgmental individuals.

If you don’t learn to DIVIDE, you’ll have to learn to be comfortable being spiritually crippled.

Instruct the Ignorant

These things all pertain to CHOICES people have to make for themselves, but folks won’t make the right choices if they get to the point of being interested and concerned, but then remain IGNORANT.


Can you admit if you are ignorant and need to take the next step? The choice is YOURS. God is faithful to get truth to people that are interested and concerned.

How about you?

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After serving for 6 years at the top of Alaska in Point Lay, the Bernick Family moved 90 miles further northeast to Wainwright. They are full-time working missionaries. Chad works as a pastor to the village through the Baptist church and responds with the local EMS/fire fighter crew. His wife, Sarah, daily home schools their six children and hosts a sewing class twice a week. They have been in arctic Alaska since 2008.

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