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“…there is much rubbish; so that we are not able to build the wall…” Nehemiah 4:10

Now, maybe you have made some resolutions to “build” in your walk with the Lord for 2015 and already you have met with some hindrances. It was easy to make a vow amidst some much needed “time off” during the “holiday season”. Suddenly, you find yourself completely averse to following through on your recent intentions or commitments. You sigh, “I am not able to do this. There is too much in the way.” Maybe you do have a “mind to work” like the Jews rebuilding the wall did. Neh 4:6. It’s possible that you have had some TRUE hindrances. Someone or something has opposed your plans to rise up for God. The devil is like a roaring lion. 1 Pt 5:8. The battle between the flesh and the Spirit is daily present. Gal 5:17. Is this world a friend to grace to help you on to God? Certainly not. Gal 1:4 says this world is evil.


When your strength is “decayed” like it was with the “burden bearers” helping to reconstruct the walls of Jerusalem, you will no longer be able to “push through” life and simply “get it done”. You have to spend some time getting rid of the “rubbish” you have been producing or collecting along life’s pilgrim way. It may not necessarily be “things” that are getting in the way. I mean, if you are married and have a family, scripture is clear that you are to care “for the things that are of the world” so you can “please” your spouse. 1 Cor 7:32-34. The “rubbish” I am talking to you about specifically may just be the side effect of the workload you have already been under. If you are going to continue in your recent commitment to raise your standard of living for God and have personal revival, you will have to make a focused effort to clear away the garbage. It’s a simple lesson in maintenance and it stinks, but there is no other way to move forward without taking out the trash.

Remember the Jews in this passage were already praying to God and watchful both “day and night”. Neh 4:9. They were not trusting in their own strength, but they were still unable because they needed to spend extra time dealing with debris. Understand that you must turn off some “devices” for a while and potentially work around the clock to get back on track. Things didn’t pile up overnight and it won’t be cleared up overnight. In order to have your sword in one hand and your tool in the other, you have to get some stuff out of the way so YOU ARE ABLE to proceed once again by the grace of God.

Chad S. Bernick
Bible Baptist Church
Wainwright, Alaska

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After serving for 6 years at the top of Alaska in Point Lay, the Bernick Family moved 90 miles further northeast to Wainwright. They are full-time working missionaries. Chad works as a pastor to the village through the Baptist church and responds with the local EMS/fire fighter crew. His wife, Sarah, daily home schools their six children and hosts a sewing class twice a week. They have been in arctic Alaska since 2008.

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